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Aktobe, Ave Abaya 1-room apartment , 2 guests 511.5 per day
Well-groomed, perfectly clean apartment renovated, internet
Aktobe, 11 микрорайон 112 3-room apartment , 4 guests 1824.4 per day
Rent to 2-3 square on New Year renovated, with all furniture
Aktobe, 11mkr 112B 4-room apartment , 8 guests 1841.3 per day
Rent 4k square in a luxury house on New Year LUXURY renovate
Aktobe, Abulhajyr hana 44V 4-room apartment , 8 guests 1739 per day
Rent to 2 sq. M. in the center for the corporate traveler, c
Aktobe, Abylhair hana-101 str. br. 2-room apartment , 3 guests 613.8 per day
Rent one 3k square in a luxury house with furniture and hous
Aktobe, Ospanova 3-room apartment , 4 guests 2045.9 per day
The apartment is located in the city center in 11 md, 25 sto
Aktobe, 11 mkr d 112 kv 118 3-room apartment , 6 guests 1023 per day
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