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Alyona R.
Сергеевна Романюк Алена
Зареєстрований 2017-01-03
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відгуки туристів

написав 04.11.2012 р.
The apartment is located in the city center near the stadium and not far from the central main street in Kiev. It is an old house that has been renovated and accordingly, there are indoor facilities or renovated all been replaced with new. Hallway and elevator are clean and attractive. It is not in Eastern Europe usually have an attractive entrance. The building we are guarded around the clock by a security guard, but he will have more money for his services, for example, approximately one wnn his car parked in the courtyard of 50 hryvnia about 5 €. Everything in the apartment is newly renovated, but please, it is not a German standard. It is clean and more comfortable but you must not look at the workmanship and detail, but it does not matter you have to feel good only. Unfortunately, very few furniture is available, so this 110 sqm seem quite empty. The bathroom is ok and there is also building its peace through the thick walls. Negative is equipping the kitchen, make a very spartan almost only suitable for breakfast, as you'd expect no longer boil an egg. It simply lacks the tools and cooking pots that are much too large, and vice versa the stove has only two burners. Bed linen, towels and everything in short supply is not uniform and is not particularly well washed and not ironed makes matters not a good idea. Also, the apartment is not suitable for four people, for the entire 110 square meters are an open area to the bathroom of course. There are no separate rooms. The price of € 117 or € 92 is quite high and my last apartment not far from here at the Independence Square was $ 50 but more enjoyable and far better equipped. The owner takes the unfortunately over time and punctuality is not very accurate, we have to accept at your delays and tardiness and the lady speaks very broken English. With service and complaints can not handle the young lady. Resumé: If a place to sleep in the middle of the city looks and would like to make in your own 4 walls party is right here. Luxury and wohlfühl forming apartment is different and is not justified for this very high price. No, I never!
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написав 05.08.2013 р.
The location of the apartment is just perfect: opposite the metro station Ploscha Lva Tolstogo, which takes you to Maydan. The apartment was equipped with everything. The area has supermarkets and restaurants and the apartment is in one of the nicest squares in this part of Kyiv. I loved staying there and would definitely recommend it. I wish I could meet the owner to thank her in person. For Western tourists having some satellite channels in English will be helpful. Also , having a three phase plug in one of the rooms would have been great.
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написав 17.05.2015 р.
beautiful and photogrnical apartment some times wifi signal was weak
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