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apartment daily Bakhmut (Artemivsk) Str.Sovetskaya , 55
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Str.Sovetskaya , 55 1-room apartment , 2 guests 402.5 a day.
apartment daily Bakhmut (Artemivsk) Str.Petrovskogo 80 centr
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Str.Petrovskogo 80 centr 3-room apartment , 4 guests 575 a day
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Str.Sovetskaya, 37 2-room apartment , 4 guests 460 a day
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Str.Dekabristov 2-room apartment , 4 guests 345 a day
apartment daily Bakhmut (Artemivsk) Levanevskogo
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Levanevskogo 2-room apartment , 3 guests 460 a day
mini-hotel daily Bakhmut (Artemivsk) Str. Mariupolskaya, 15
Bakhmut (Artemivsk), Str. Mariupolskaya, 15 17-room mini-hotel , 60 guests 92 a day
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