Vlasne provides information only, without intermediaries. You do not need to pay any additional fees. In carrying out the transaction, you have to communicate directly with the owner of the property, or with the management company, which does not claim to additional compensation.
    If you find an object that violates this rule, please let us know about it and we will immediately remove it from the system.

    The site presents the opportunity to book any favorite object of a simple and fast way. With this you can not worry about the safety of the transaction. We work with proven payment systems. Currently available for making payments through Visa, Master Card, Maestro, electronic payment system Webmoney, payment terminals and cashless payments.
    Before making a reservation you have to  receive confirmation of availability from the owner.

    The purpose of the portal to gather as much  rentals by the day, the traveler can book online at one property in any country and any city in the world.
    We spend every day working on promotion of resources and attract audiences from other countries. Follow our news to know what areas are available for searching.

    For property owners and managers of companies, we provide a number of services that will help in the real estate business, will provide "bezprostoynost 'rent and increase profits. The mere location of the item on the site - already makes it available to thousands of travelers and businessmen around the world.
    And for even more effective promotion of its object, there are ways how:
- Placing an object on the home page
- Select the object and lift it up search results - Hot Deals
- Creation of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords to attract Internet users is to your ad.
All this guarantees your success and make your business fun and easy!

     Vlasne - International Portal To Rent and real estate by owner in general.

     We - a group of like-minded people, which seeks to make the process of rental housing anywhere in the world easier and cheaper. When planning travel or going on a business trip, each of us is constantly confronted with the question of residence, it is desirable for the appropriate money. Always there was the question - where to look for and how to book? On Vlasne we tried to solve this problem by making the process of finding and booking easy.

     Why rent private apartments, not hotels? The cost of the hotel is often overstated, but private apartments may offer better quality for less money. In addition, we created this site, you can choose from any housing and infrastructure, anywhere, whatever you wish.

     Now rent anywhere in the world - it's easy!

     In approaching the issue of rent, we decided to make the process of finding and order as transparent as possible and without mediators. Communicating directly with the owner of the property, you have total control over the process and the transaction can be sure of it. You do not need to rely on a stranger.

     Since we are talking about real estate in general, it was decided to create separate partitions for long-term lease and sale by owner. Now, invest in real estate is still cheaper - you do not have to pay huge commissions to agents.

     The main task of the project - to facilitate the process of finding and order, provide a great choice for applicants and holders to provide constat flow to rent property.

     Currently Vlasne available in three languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian. Future plans include expansion of outreach.

     Vlasne already present on the Ukrainian market (, in Russian ( and the market in Europe and America ( Are constantly working to promote resource in Ukrainian, Russian and Western Internet. By placing an object on Vlasne, you can be sure of full coverage of the audience