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Location: In a quiet private sector of the Central area of ​
Zatoka, Str. Zaripova, 25/1 13-room mini-hotel , 30 guests 345 per day
Rent 3-storey house for daily or long-term lease on the stat
Zatoka, kooperativ 8-room house , 15 guests 5750 per day
I invite you on holiday by the sea in a cozy cottage. I leav
Zatoka, Vinogradnaya 40b 5-room house , 13 guests 2070 per day
For 1-to. flat on the ground, with all the amenities. The ab
Zatoka, Primorskaya 1-room apartment , 4 guests 690 per day
Rent your apartment (the first time) all new (appliances rep
Zatoka, Zolotoj bereg 1-room apartment , 3 guests 1148.9 per day
Cottage on the bank of the Belgorod-Dniester estuary. To the
Zatoka, Stanciya "Solnechnaya", 79 prichal, d. №15 3-room house , 10 guests 172.5 per day
Zatoka, Primorskaya 300b 5-room house , 11 guests 2990 per day
The cottage is situated in Zatoka, Friendship Station in the
Zatoka, Lazurnaya 2-room house , 4 guests 2300 per day
Rent a private house in Zatoka for 3-4 people. In the house:
Zatoka, Lazurnaya 2-room house , 3 guests 1725 per day
Zatoka, Primorskaya 63D 52-room mini-hotel , 150 guests 977.5 per day
* The hotel consists of 4 buildings, 16 single-storey houses
Zatoka, bulvar Zolotoj Bereg, 45 105-room mini-hotel , 250 guests 465.8 per day
Mini hotel in Zatoka station Sunny to the sea seven minutes
Zatoka, Solnechnaya 7-room mini-hotel , 35 guests 575 per day
We invite you to relax and improve your health in the privat
Zatoka, Ukraina, pgt. Zatoka, stanciya Solnechnaya, chastnyj sektor 1109 8-room mini-hotel , 32 guests 920 per day
We invite you to relax and improve your health in the privat
Zatoka, Ukraina, Odesskaya oblast, pgt. Zatoka, stanciya Solnechnaya, chastnyj sektor 4-room house , 12 guests 2415 per day
The country house is located in Zatoka (in the district of C
Zatoka, bulvar Zolotoj bereg 6-room house , 16 guests 6900 per day
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Zatoka, Zolotoj bereg 5 2-room apartment , 4 guests 2990 per day
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