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apartment daily Kyiv Urlovskaya 23V apartment daily Kyiv Urlovskaya 23V
Kyiv, Urlovskaya 23V
beautiful apartment for rent
Kyiv, Urlovskaya 23V 1-room apartment , 2 guests
  • Apartment
  • 2 guests
  • 1 room
978 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Dragomanova 14A apartment daily Kyiv Dragomanova 14A
Kyiv, Dragomanova 14A
Kyiv, Dragomanova 14A 1-room apartment , 6 guests
  • Apartment
  • 6 guests
  • 1 room
690 per day
apartment daily Kyiv bStr. Tarasa SHevchenko, 2 apartment daily Kyiv bStr. Tarasa SHevchenko, 2
Kyiv, bStr. Tarasa SHevchenko, 2
Center Blvd. tochno. Taras Shevchenko, 2
Kyiv, bStr. Tarasa SHevchenko, 2 2-room apartment , 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 rooms
1150 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Krecshatik, 27 apartment daily Kyiv Krecshatik, 27
Kyiv, Krecshatik, 27
apartment in downtown Kiev. KHRESCHATIK
Kyiv, Krecshatik, 27 2-room apartment , 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 rooms
1380 per day
mini-hotel daily Kyiv Sechenova 7A mini-hotel daily Kyiv Sechenova 7A
Kyiv, Sechenova 7A
Rooms 7 min from m.Vasilkovskaya
Kyiv, Sechenova 7A 9-room mini-hotel , 13 guests
  • Mini-hotel
  • 13 guests
  • 9 rooms
200 per day
apartment daily Kyiv bStr.T.SHevchenko,2 apartment daily Kyiv bStr.T.SHevchenko,2
Kyiv, bStr.T.SHevchenko,2
Nice apartment on the Shevchenko
Kyiv, bStr.T.SHevchenko,2 2-room apartment , 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 rooms
1380 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Krecshatik 15 apartment daily Kyiv Krecshatik 15
Kyiv, Krecshatik 15
Good 3-room apartment on Khreshchatyk 15
Kyiv, Krecshatik 15 3-room apartment , 6 guests
  • Apartment
  • 6 guests
  • 3 rooms
1955 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Sofievskaya, 17 apartment daily Kyiv Sofievskaya, 17
Kyiv, Sofievskaya, 17
One-bedroom apartment in the center
Kyiv, Sofievskaya, 17 2-room apartment , 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 rooms
1035 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Str. Krecshatik, 21 apartment daily Kyiv Str. Krecshatik, 21
Kyiv, Str. Krecshatik, 21
Nice apartment on Khreshchatyk, 21,
Kyiv, Str. Krecshatik, 21 2-room apartment , 4 guests
  • Apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 rooms
1610 per day
apartment daily Kyiv Mihajlovskaya 21 apartment daily Kyiv Mihajlovskaya 21
Kyiv, Mihajlovskaya 21
Center of the city. st. Mihihaylovskaya
Kyiv, Mihajlovskaya 21 3-room apartment , 6 guests
  • Apartment
  • 6 guests
  • 3 rooms
1495 per day
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Apartments for rent Kyiv

Kiev is a beautiful and ancient city with a variety of architectural, spiritual and historical monuments. Thousands of tourists come here again and again, in order to:

  • Visit the legendary Maidan Nezalezhnosti and honor the memory of the heroes;
  • Climb the historical Andreevsky descent, buy souvenirs or rare things that can only be found here, see the castle "Richard the Lionheart" and St. Andrew's Church, which is embodied in the film "For Two Hares";
  • To worship the most ancient shrine of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the equally famous St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral;
  • See for yourself the main historical entrance to the city - the Golden Gate, which is almost 1000 years old and many other unforgettable places.

In order to get a sea of ​​impressions, after arriving for 5-7 days, you can rent an apartment for a day in Kiev or rent a fabulously expensive hotel room or burden long-distance and near relatives. Agree, it is much more pleasant to get up in the morning from a fresh bed, put on a nice soft terry robe, slowly and with no one pushing, brew a fragrant morning coffee, open a laptop and a pleasant quiet music from the music center, without distraction, choose a tour program for today. Then come in the evening tired, happy and full of impressions from visiting historical places and communicating with friendly Kievans, fill a bath, make a delicious tea .... That is, do whatever you want without fear of harassing relatives, but also having the opportunity to cook and come at any time. Of course, we are talking about dayly renting an apartments, without intermediaries and of course inexpensively.

To ensure that on the first day of your stay in the city, you do not go astray in search of an apartment, there is a convenient service - a portal for daily rent of apartments with Here you can rent short term apartment in any place in Kiev, with any bundle, without leaving home.

Convenient search, detailed description, a large list of photos of the apartment will help to make the right choice. Immediately you can call the owner to book a favorite object or write through the site. Quite convenient is the function of quick booking, thanks to which you can be calm, making an advance payment for temporary accommodation. Since the portal Vlasne retains the amount right up to your settlement. And if your plans have changed, you let us know in advance and get your money back.

We try every day to get only good emotions from our service - use the rent of apartments for a day in the Kiev section of the portal!

Megapolises are very similar to each other with their turmoil, vanity, endless streaming cars and ever-hurrying people, noise, round-the-clock bubbling life and an insane rhythm. Kiev is also among the big and crazy cities. This is one of the largest cities in Europe, which is constantly developing and expanding. But the city is not just an active metropolis, but an ancient city with its soul and its unique charm and face. Here you can walk to the noisy and modern city, and then turn around the corner and find yourself in a quiet old town, where it is quiet and cozy, where the old architecture and special atmosphere. Green and magnificent city, where you want to spend time.

If you've never been in the Ukrainian capital, then you should come and see this beautiful place, and if you've already been here, then for sure you'll want to come back here, walk again, stroll through the ancient streets and enjoy its beauty. The old part will give a lot of impressions and will surely please the guests. It's very beautiful and there are not two similar houses, two similar streets. One of the most beloved Kiev streets among the guests and the people of Kiev is exactly the Andreevsky Descent. This is the place where you can touch history, learn many interesting Kiev legends and buy souvenirs. It was on this street that Mikhail Bulgakov lived and worked. His house has survived, so that every admirer of his can go in, see and even be able to drink tea on the veranda and taste delicious pies. At the entrance you can sit next to Bulgakov on a bench, because here his sculpture is installed. On Andrew's descent is the famous "Castle of Richard", which is associated with some of the most mystical legends of the city. A little higher is the magnificent St. Andrew's Church, which you probably remember the film "For Two Hares", created by the famous architect Rastrelli. Along the descent sold various handmade products, souvenirs, as well as paintings. There are also museums, theaters, galleries, cafes, restaurants and even hotels.

Not far from the Andreevsky Descent is another attraction and this is the Kiev funicular, which has more than a hundred years.

Nearby is another place, which should be visited by guests - Vladimirskaya Gorka. With it, there are wonderful views of the Dnieper and the city. Naturally, all visitors come first of all to the heart of the capital, namely its center, that is the main square of Independence Square and the main street Khreshchatyk. You can not come to Kiev and do not go to the Pechersk Lavra, to one of the oldest monasteries. There is a laurel of temples, caves, towers, cells, museums and other places, and buildings. In the central part of the city, guests can visit the beautiful Mariinsky Palace, look into the mystical and unusual House with chimeras. Unforgettable will be a walk in the open air under the open sky "Pirogovo". There are many more things to see in this wonderful city, all its charms and beauties can not be enumerated.

Even the people of Kiev did not see everything, but the guests especially do not have time to go around the whole city in one or two days and see everything. It is necessary to come here at least for a week and still there will be many places that you will not see. You will need time to get acquainted with the city and good accommodation in order to rest after long walks and excursions. Apartments for rent in Kiev can be rented inexpensively and in a convenient location. There are different offers from the best homeowners. You can find a lot of things in the city and even if you have special requirements you will still find the right one, especially with the help of the service resorts to help all travelers and finds everything they want. The portal will help you find the best apartment and spend your time in this wonderful city comfortably and perfectly.


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